GAA Healthy Clubs

GAA Healthy Clubs are clubs which are linked with the Healthy Club project and aim to promote the holistic health and wellbeing of their members and their communities. The Healthy Club project seeks to help GAA clubs identify what they are already doing well, identify areas where they can or would like to improve, and empower them to ensure that everyone who engages with their club benefits from the experience in a health-enhancing way, be they players, officers, coaches, parents, supporters, or members of their local community. Some of the Healthy Club principles are:

  • To view health in a holistic way which involves physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing
  • To be inclusive, offering people of all abilities and backgrounds the opportunity to participate in the club in a meaningful way, throughout their life span

GAA Healthy Clubs around Ireland have variously delivered anti-bullying and anti-smoking initiatives as well as others promoting physical activity, healthy eating, mental fitness, gambling, alcohol and drug education, training and personal development.

There are a number of GAA Healthy Clubs in Co. Tipperary

Target Group: GAA members; local community

How to access: Contact Health & Wellbeing Committee

Contact details: Tipperary Health & Wellbeing Committee, Tipperary GAA