Tipperary Sports Partnership

Tipperary Sports Partnership is a Local Sports Partnership established by Sport Ireland to co-ordinate, promote & develop recreational sport in Tipperary.

Its vision is for everyone in the county to experience the fun, healthy, social interaction and wellbeing from participating in sport and physical activity. It aims to:

  • Promote increased participation in sport among the general population, especially amongst those who participate the least.
  • Support the training and education needs of the volunteer coaches and administrators who are the sports-makers in the community
  • Provide an information hub for sports and physical activities in Tipperary through its newsletters and its web-site.
  • Sustain existing natural and built sports infrastructures, plan and develop new infrastructures and encourage multi-use and accessibility.

As well as catering for the general population, Tipperary Sports Partnership, through its Social Inclusion Programme, actively supports participation in sports by individuals who through personal and/or social circumstances face challenges to do so. It supports social inclusion through sports by:

  • Targeting socially excluded target groups and providing them with specific supports and programmes.
  • Working with providers and organizations to remove barriers to participation, and to implement social inclusion policies and strategies
  • Providing and supporting targeted programmes of sports and physical activity to those geographic and social groups in which participation rates are low
  • Supporting the adaptation of facilities for those with particular physical disabilities

Target Groups of Social Inclusion programme: Older People/ Women in Sport / People with a Disability / Disadvantaged Communities.

Contact details:

TSP Clonmel Office
Address: Ballingarrane House, Ballingarane, Cahir Road, Clonmel . Co. Tipperary
Tel. 0761 066201

TSP Nenagh Office
Address: Civic Offices, Limerick Road, Nenagh. Co. Tipperary
Tel. 0761 066888