Comeragh Wilderness Camp


Co. Tipperary
E32 E240

Comeragh Wilderness Camp provides therapeutic and educational outdoor experiences where young people can discover life skills, gain hope and re-focus on positive interaction in their own communities. 

Comeragh Wilderness Camp programmes are designed to provide holistic therapeutic assistance to young people who are not functioning well at school or home through activities that develop social, academic, emotional, physical, and spiritual capacity. The camp is based on a model of cooperative group work in a forest setting to address the individual skills each participant needs for healthy functioning. Educational deficits are addressed practically using hands-on educational activities planned by each small group of young people.

  • The Discovery Programme provides five days of accommodation for boys, aged 11-14 years. This immersive programme is centred around living as a group and implementing plans in a well-developed campsite.
  • The Explorer Programme provides day activities with a meal. This service offers individual support for boys or girls, aged 6-18 years, activities for groups of youths from other organizations, or support for families such as access or bonding.

In relation to supports to the families of these young people, the services include parental coaching, nonviolent resistance training, and practical family function skills teaching, as appropriate.

Target Group: Young people and their families experiencing difficulties. The Discovery Programme caters for boys, aged 11-14 years. The Explorer Programme caters for boys and girls, aged 6-18 years.

EligibilityYoung people who are willing to engage with service, and are not experiencing substance addiction or severe disability. 

Referral: Any agency or family can make a referral through the website or by contacting the office. In the case of family referrals, a reduced cost applies.


Opening Times

Monday - Friday, 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.