Tipperary CYPSC Promotional Video

Tipperary Comhairle na nÓg and Tipperary CYPSC have produced a video to explain the role of the CYPSC, some of its achievements to date and its plans for the future. Visit the link below to view: 

 Tipperary CYPSC Parenting Support calendars

The CYPSC Parenting Support calendars are put together to provide information on the range of parenting programmes, parent support services, and parenting workshops and presentations that can be availed of by families in any quarter. There are 4 calendar editions annually to cover the periods, January - March, April - June, July - August, and September - December.

 Tipperary Mental Health Mental Health & Wellbeing Support Services Charts

The two referral pathway charts, covering North and South Tipperary respectively, provide information on service provision for Mental Health & Wellbeing  of children, young people and adults in the county.

Tipperary Children and Young People's Plan

Tipperary Children and Young People's Plan (CYPP) highlights the priority issues for children, young people and young adults in Co. Tipperary across Health, Education, Safety & Security, Economic Opportunities and Social Inclusion. The CYPP is based on data from the 2016 Census and other data sources. It is informed by the working experience of staff from a range of agencies with a remit for the 0 - 24 years age cohort. It also reflects the voice of children, young people and young adults from a range of social backgrounds and circumstances, identifying what they consider to be the key issues in their lives.

All Island Research Observatory (AIRO) Report

The AIRO report was commissioned by Tipperary CYPSC to provide a detailed overview of the socio-economic characteristics of Co. Tipperary. Drawing on the 2016 Census returns and other data sources, the report provided an evidence baseline from which the Tipperary CYPP could develop a socio-demographic profile of the 0 - 24 years age cohort.

Tipperary CYPSC consultations with Children and Young People

The following two reports derived from consultations undertaken on behalf of Tipperary CYPSC with Primary School children and young people, aged 12 - 18 years, respectively. 

CYPSC Shared Vision, Next Steps

The aim of CYPSC Shared Vision, Next Steps 2019 - 2024 is to provide a road map for the further development of the CYPSC initiative in a strategic, integrated and sustainable manner.

Needs Analysis of young people identifying as LGBT* in Co. Tipperary

The report profiles young people who identify as LGBT* under the age of 25 years, highlighting their views of what they need and the challenges that they face in different settings. The report concludes with a range of recommendations for further action.

Disabilities Supports and Service Provision in Co. Tipperary - Report

The report includes an audit of a range of services and supports for children, young people and young adults with Special Needs and their families. It also records the deficits of provision and other related needs from consultation  with staff working in youth services, disabilities services, education, and other fields.

Ukrainian Refugee Families - Information on Family Supports in Co. Tipperary

Tipperary CYPSC and Túsla have prepared information leaflets on Family Supports in the Ukrainian language for Ukrainian families who have arrived in the county.

 Guide to Child and Youth Participation Supports 

The Guide was developed by a CYPSC Sub-Group for the purposes of creating awareness about Child and Youth Participation, and of signposting people and services to resources that can provide guidance and support to develop and strengthen Child and Youth Participation practice. It promotes the Lundy model  of participation.  

North Tipperary Parenting Support Guide

The Guide was developed by Túsla in partnership with agencies working with children, young people and their families in the North of Co. Tipperary. It provides reliable information about the range of parenting supports available, an outline of the supports that each service provides, and how to make contact with all the services. There is also information regarding the key parenting messages and National Support Lines.