Visiting Teacher for Children and Young People who are Hard of Hearing

The Visiting Teachers for Children and Young People who are hard of hearing are qualified teachers with particular skills and knowledge of the development and education of children with varying degrees of hearing loss. They offer longitudinal support to children, their families and schools from the time of referral through to the end of post-primary education. For children, aged 0 – 5 years, the service provides advice and support to parents at home. In schools, the service provides assessment, advice on assistive technology, on environmental factors and on appropriate teaching methodologies.

Target Group: Children, aged 0 – 5, and students in Primary & Post-Primary Schools with a diagnosis of hearing impairment.

Referral: Referral to Special Education Needs Officer (SENO) with Audiology report.

Contact details

  • South Tipperary: SENO South Tipperary
    Address: 1 Waterside Ashe Quay Fermoy Co. Cork
    Tel. (025) 40445
  • North Tipperary: SENO North Tipperary
    Address: First Floor, Government Buildings St. Conlon’s Road, Nenagh. Co. Tipperary
    Tel. (067) 32704